The diversity of the network that PHAP has developed – the diversity of the members who all gravitate towards the same idea – is something quite unique. Interacting and networking with other humanitarian professionals who are engaged in work across a variety of different fields is an important priority for me. With members from the sector as a whole, we have a great opportunity – in terms of understanding other peoples operations and in terms of becoming better in our own operations.

- PHAP member (since 2011)

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30 Jan 2017

PHAP announces partnership with Pearson Acclaim to offer secure, verifiable, and easily shareable badging solution for PHAP membership and credentials.

29 Jan 2017

The development of the PHAP Credentialing Program, which will be launched this spring, has passed a major milestone with the successful “beta testing” of its certification assessments by a large number of practitioners from across the humanitarian sector.

28 Jan 2017

As a professional association, a central part of the mission of PHAP is to support its members – experienced humanitarian practitioners from all different backgrounds – to be more effective in their work.

27 Jan 2017

The beta version of the event calendar of the Geneva Humanitarian Connector is now publicly available.


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    The first learning session on the human financing landscape featured presentations from three experts – Cyprien Fabre at OECD, Julian Srodecki at World Vision, and Sophia Swithern at Development Initiatives – providing an overview of current trends and challenges regarding humanitarian financing, as well as an opportunity to ask questions and discuss. Apart from answering questions live during the event (which you can listen to in the event recording), the three experts have also answered follow-up questions from the event participants, which you will find on this page.

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    We had the opportunity to talk with Marcus, currently the Head of NGO Partnerships in the Partnerships, Advocacy and Coordination Division at WFP. With 75% of WFP’s food aid channeled through NGOs, and WFP recently committing to further increase funds to first responders after discussions around the “Grand Bargain,” questions regarding NGO partnerships and funding are central to the agency’s work.