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Introducing PHAP Digital Badges in partnership with Pearson Acclaim

30 Jan 2017

PHAP announces partnership with Pearson Acclaim to offer secure, verifiable, and easily shareable badging solution for PHAP membership and credentials.

PHAP has partnered with Pearson Acclaim to provide you with digital badges to showcase your membership and certifications earned from PHAP.  The badging platform allows you to share your affiliation and achievement with colleagues, peers, employers, educational institutions, and others.

PHAP will be initially issuing membership badges for all PHAP members in good standing to kick off the digital badge program. Badges for certifications earned through the PHAP Credentialing Program will be available starting in March 2017.

What is a digital badge?
PHAP digital badges are your proof of membership or certification. With digital badges, you can easily showcase your achievements and capabilities on social media, emails, personal websites, and resumes. Digital badges protect the integrity of your credential by providing a link to verified data from PHAP that cannot be falsified. PHAP’s digital badges allow you to provide your peers and employers, as well as the crisis-affected people you serve, with easy, valid verification of your credentials, while positioning you at the forefront of this new technology for communicating professional commitment and skills.

Who will receive a digital badge?
The PHAP membership badge will be issued to all members of the association in good standing.

The PHAP Credentialing Program badges, when launched in March 2017, will be issued for all certificants who have achieved a passing score in the invigilated/proctored certification assessments, committed to abide by the PHAP Code of Professional Conduct in Humanitarian Action, and agreed to participate in the continuous education program or otherwise undertake a re-assessment after three years in order to maintain the certification.


Visit our digital badge FAQ to learn more about the program.